Pressed Laminations

To meet the various requirements of all our customers, AMC offers a wide range of laminations for use in transformers and chokes.

Some of the laminations produced require heat treatment facilities to develop the best properties of the material. AMC also has a range of controlled atmosphere furnaces available to satisfy this need.

Quality control is provided to ensure that the products are of the highest mechanical and electro-magnetic quality. We are always available to discuss with you any special requirements.

Material used is fully processed Non-Oriented Silicon Steel with a coating on both sides. The watt loss figures are given at 1.5 Tesla so "50H 350" or "V350 – 50A" would indicate a material 0.50mm thick showing a loss of 3.50 w/kg at 1.5 Tesla. Generally 50H 350 and 50H 530 are kept in stock while a full range (50H 230-50H 600) is available at short notice.

For specific requirements where size and losses must be kept to a minimum, and C cores cannot be used, laminations in M6 GOSS can be used. AMC keeps a wide range of these laminations to satisfy customers’ immediate demands.


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