Alloy Magnetic Cores

Design your ideal low loss transformer with our high quality strip-wound cores or switch to the latest in folded core technology with advanced grain oriented and laser scribed silicon steel
Intertek ISO 9001 and UKAS 014

The heart of your transformer is the core of our business

Latest Technology
We are the market leaders in Jencore (Unicore) design and offer the latest advancements in material technology
Tested and Guaranteed
All material is tested before manufacture and No Load Losses are guaranteed for finished products
Highest Quality
You can rely on our 40 years experience to deliver the best quality cores with quick turnaround times

Custom built cores to suit your needs

Jencore (Unicore)
The ultimate in lightweight and efficient core design, offering lower Watt losses and exciting current with faster assembly time and major cost cost savings
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Strip-Wound Cores
Traditional C and E cores, according to British or Continental standards and Toroidal cores for use in high accuracy applications such as high voltage and current transformers
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Pressed laminations
We stock an extensive range of E-I and U-I laminations in non oriented silicon steel for use in transformers and chokes, and grain oriented silicon steel for applications where low losses are required
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We are a ‘one stop shop’ offering all transformer components under one roof, from steel frames and brackets to Nylon bobbins and housings

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Amorphous Cores
We can now supply the latest amorphous metal core technology which is ideal for very low loss applications.

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Mitre Core Technology
For the highest quality step lap mitred and square cut cores in single or three phase design we manufacture any size to your specifications from 10kVA to 80mVA
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Stock Holding

We keep a comprehensive range of raw material in stock to meet all requirements

The table below shows the grades of steel we supply with the guaranteed losses.

Grade Thickness Density Max Core Loss at 50Hz (W/kg) Min Induction 
at 800 A/m
      1.5T 1.7T  
23H75 0.23 7.65 0.52 0.75 1.88
23H85 0.23 7.65 0.59 0.85 1.88
23H90 0.23 7.65 0.64 0.92 1.88
MOH 0.27 7.65 0.77 1.05 1.88
M4 0.27 7.65 0.90 1.28 1.85
M5 0.30 7.65 0.97 1.39 1.80
M6 0.35 7.65 1.11 1.57 1.80

We supply specific core loss curves on request. Please note the final losses of the core will vary and typically losses will be higher in three phase and in single phase cores due to the stack factor and destruction factor of the core. Performance curves (W/kg) available on request.

AMC has three high capacity slitting lines that can precision slit any size strip between 1.2m and 10mm on demand.

Gas Furnace

Our energy efficient natural gas furnace is used to heat treat all folded cores to allow full retention of the parent materials magnetic properties.


All material is pre-tested on our Soken Iron Loss Tester to ensure quality and authenticity of material used, and all products are tested after production on one of our 5 test benches to guarantee final No Load Losses

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