Jencore (Unicores)

In 1997, a new concept was developed by AEM Cores (Pty) Ltd, using a mixture of the old Distributed Gap Core, C cores and stamped laminations. This new development was a radical departure from all of the traditional methods used before. This innovative concept allows complete freedom in transformer design because unrestricted core sizes are available. We have called this core a “Jencore” after the name of the founder, Mr. Jenkinson.

The Jencore (Unicore) offers advantages in technical performance that can be translated into economic benefits.

Benefits Of The Jencore (Unicores)

  • Flexibility of design
  • Unrestricted core size
  • Smaller and lighter
  • Lower watt loss
  • Lower exciting current
  • Better regulation
  • Less winding time needed
  • Quicker to assemble
  • Major cost savings

Superior Performance

The performance of the Jencore (Unicore) is such that full retention of the magnetic properties of the parent material is possible.

This is because:

  • the exciting field is in parallel with the strip
  • the Distributed Gap Jencore (Unicore) effectively has no gaps.
  • the steel suffers no more degradation after annealing.

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